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Description: MemtestG80 is a tester designed to detect potential errors in the logic or memory management of the nVidia cards that support CUDA. It uses a series of tests known (some are derived from Memtest86, and others are home-made) to verify the correct operation of the memory of the graphics card and its associated logic. It is a tool to verify that GPUs do not create "invisible errors" that could corrupt the results of calculations without being visible in conventional uses (such as 3D rendering, for example).

If MemtestG80 detects errors on your card, here are some tips for interpreting the results and verifying their accuracy:

  • If the card generates errors and is overclocked (this includes the factory overclocked models), lower the frequency to the reference frequency for your type of card to see if the problem persists.
  • In general, a too high memory frequency is the source of problems, but errors in the tests "Logic" or "Random Block" can also be caused by a too high shader frequency. In general, if your card generates the slightest error in the tests cited previously above the original frequencies, overclocking should be considered unstable.
  • If after all these precautions your card always generates errors in tests other than "Modulo-20", then they indicate that the card probably has a problem and should be replaced.

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Date: 15/08/2009
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