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You can create an Ubuntu USB bootable stick. There is a persistancy area with "Casper", this allow you ta have a /home writable.
But, warning : Need at least 2 GB
Need a good quality/speed USB stick.

For Sandy Bridge monitoring, I wish kernel 2.6.38 is OK and the last lm-sensors too ...
Ubuntu 11.04 is coming at the end of next month.
I wrote the original news (in french) the day before than nordic :p (and published the same day) this day, we was still thinking it was a Die Shrink coming ...
Thank for the source !
Thank you tear for your explication, I'm the original writer of this news and i'm not a specialist of "symbol" in libs etc ...
I saw that the libc used by Stanford to compile client was very old, I thought it was deprecated method just been "removed".
We all wish !
GPU2 was supposed to be made on *nix too, but it wasn't done :(
The F@H-problem with 9.10 wasn't 9.10, but the Linux kernel version on which it was based ...

I don't agree with you noorman, the other distro using the same kernel has no problems of core that fall in sleep state ! It was bug from the new power management added to Ubuntu. And these bug are still here ... 9.10 is not the best release to fold !
It's always the same dilemna ;) the more you wait for something, the less you fold ;)
Yeah ! I'm so sexy :p
It's ok ;) which number the room ? with champagne ?