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How many cores has your host machine ?

edit :

The good news, Workstation 7 supports up to 16 cores in a 4 socket, Quadcore system. The bad news is it is limited to 4 "cores" per physical CPU... so 8-threaded CPU's like the Core i7 are SOL.

From Kougar's comment here :

edit : I'll get result form a dual nehalem today or tomorrow ... so we'll know if it's possible to run 16 cores in the VM or not :hehe
No, it's only for A2 core, which is only available on Linux and OSX ...
This kernel has some scaling problems on BigAdv WUs and more than 8 cores ... we'll try to build a new one using a different basis (2.6.31 for instance).
No special patches ... just adjustments in configuration options.

Here is the "changelog" :

  • Optimized Subarchitecture : ScaleMP vSMP (Virtual machines optimizations)
  • CPU architecture optimization : Core2 / Xeon (instead of standard x86_64)
  • NUMA Enabled (Memory optimization)
  • Kernel timing set to 100hz (with 100Hz, kernel swaps processes every 10 ms (1/100). Default value is 1000Hz, every milliseconds. It reduces process swapping between cores, but might turn the system sluggish for everyday use, and using the computer might slow FAH down more than usual)
  • CPUfreq forced to Performance mode (which implies Turbo Mode always on on i7 CPUs and helps to keep CPU at full speed under reduced loads, ie A1 core)
We didn't update the English news yet (yes, you can whip John and Kay) ... it's ok on FR ...

I'll do it immediately.

edit : updated :hehe
I think these are low end declinations of the GT200 architecture.
Strange ... I think you're the first one to report a host becoming unusable ... :heink
There is apparently a speed issue with this core on dual core CPUs ... :heink