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The authors would like to thank S. Boxer, A. Brunger, D. Ensign, H. Grubmüller, and O. Troyanskaya for many helpful discussions and the center for parallel computers at KTH and Folding@Home donors worldwide for computational resources.

What's the relationship with this news ?

Which flag you don't know ?
It looks like they were a bit optimistic about the number of WU to generate ... I've seen some reports of people not getting work, or getting GPU2 projects.
Version 24 ... it's displayed in the log :

[08:40:31] ************************** ProtoMol Folding@Home Core **************************
[08:40:31] Version: 24
[08:40:31] Type: 180
[08:40:31] Core: ProtoMol
[08:40:31] ************************************ Build *************************************
[08:40:31] Date: May 10 2010
[08:40:31] Time: 04:45:02

[08:40:31] Revision: 1817

But I never trust the build date since I've often seen updated cores with no increment to the build date ... :s
Memory has little effect on FAH performance (see overclocking tests) and the units are designed with 512 MB as a default on most boards.

I didn't test the older card because I don't have it, and I don't have a friend who has one ... it's the same for the comparison between GDDR3 and GDDR5 memory, or 512 MB vs 1 GB. :(
I just reminded him the rules of engagement of a betatester ... :hehe
Congratulation to Adanorm, Frodo and John for the original news, with some minor arrangements from myself to make it more realistic :clap

The update is from me ... and thanks KaySL for the translation. :)
And posting the server IP is also a good excuse to highlight the work of Stanford's partners that run their own researches on the Folding@Home platform. ;)
I haven't seen any official public word from nVidia yet ... that's why I didn't put a definitive affirmation.

I told Vijay about this issue, and he activated his contacts at nVidia. If I get more information about it, I'll publish them. ;)

edit : we got an answer, news has been updated.
In my opinion, you shouldn't see major performance differences ... as my overclocking tests shown, memory has a minor influence on the FAH GPU client performances.
The more, the merrier ;) ... it's always good to have multiple source to compare the data (if they are comparable, because of potential methodology differences).