Storage@home project phase 1 released

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You may be aware of a paper by Adam Beberg published 2 years ago about a project called Storage@home. This project had its initial launch today.

What is Storage@home?
The project has been designed to address the staggering storage needs of Folding@home. The principal idea of Storage@home is to create a distributed storage network which is secure and accessible at all times. Eventually, Folding@home and Storage@home may merge into a single client, to provide both computing power and storage (at the donator's discretion).
An article introducing the project in rather more detail should follow in the next few days.

The first development phase of Storage@home has just been launched. This aims to study the behaviour of machines connected to the internet to determine the algorithms used for storage (breakdown, redundancy, availability).

For all the latest information on the project, we have created new categories for Storage@home for News and Articles.

Adam Beberg (the project's creator) would like to stress that this project is not intended for less technically able users, as you will see for yourself if you read the FAQ and installation instructions, particularly in the requirements for your network. The client will also be updated rapidly in its early stages, so users would need to regularly check if updates have been made available for the client, and of course report any bugs or questions on the official forum.

We will post more information as it becomes available.