P2P storage concept tested on a much larger scale

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Time to talk about Storage@home, as it's been a while! Unfortunately we have nothing new to announce; the client is still in development...

However, the storage market seems interested in the principle of P2P storage, and a real-world application has been published! LaCie, well known across the world for its external hard drives and USB flash drives, has released a program called Wuala. This works on the same principle as the idea behind Storage@home: online storage using redundancy in the form of multiple copies stored by hosts located across the world. Unlike Storage@home however, this service is open to anyone that wishes to use it, rather than just Stanford. The rules to join the network are as follows:

  • Be connected at least 4 hours a day (we doubt this would be a problem ;))
  • The amount of storage space made available to you for your files free of charge is equal to the amount of storage space you make available to the network.
  • Below 4 hours online per day, the space made available to you is reduced proportional to your online presence.
  • More storage space can be purchased (10GB to 1TB for between 25 and 1,000 dollars a year).

All of the data stored on the network is encrypted using 2048-bit RSA encryption to ensure security.

All in all this makes for an interesting take on the model proposed for Storage@home, but a viable commercial adaptation. Hopefully Storage@home will see a similar uptake!

Source: Clubic