P2P storage concept tested on a much larger scale

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Time to talk about Storage@home, as it's been a while! Unfortunately we have nothing new to announce; the client is still in development...

However, the storage market seems interested in the principle of P2P storage, and a real-world application has been published! LaCie, well known across the world for its external hard drives and USB flash drives, has released a program called Wuala. This works on the same principle as the idea behind Storage@home: online storage using redundancy in the form of multiple copies stored by hosts located across the world. Unlike Storage@home however, this service is open to anyone that wishes to use it, rather than just Stanford. The rules to join the network are as follows:

  • Be connected at least 4 hours a day (we doubt this would be a problem ;))
  • The amount of storage space made available to you for your files free of charge is equal to the amount of storage space you make available to the network.
  • Below 4 hours online per day, the space made available to you is reduced proportional to your online presence.
  • More storage space can be purchased (10GB to 1TB for between 25 and 1,000 dollars a year).

All of the data stored on the network is encrypted using 2048-bit RSA encryption to ensure security.

All in all this makes for an interesting take on the model proposed for Storage@home, but a viable commercial adaptation. Hopefully Storage@home will see a similar uptake!

Source: Clubic

Storage@Home version 1.05 released!

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Adam Beberg has announced the arrival of version 1.05 of the Storage@Home monitor. This version brings many changes, however Adam has not disclosed the nature of very many. There is a new file with the .dylib extension; it is provided in the release archive of this version and should be placed in the folder that was set with the -d parameter during the original installation or execution of the program. This version also provides an automatic client update function (we still recommend careful monitoring of the program, however).

Download links for this version have been added in the installation instructions article.

Source: The Official Forum

Storage@Home v1.04, here we go again !

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Adam Beberg has just released sah-monitor client version 1.04 for the Storage@Home project.

This release is identical to the previous 1.03, with an expiration date a week away from today : the main purpose of this is to bring donors back on track. Be prepared for a quick update of the client to version 1.05 which should add an auto-update feature.

The installation process of version 1.04 or the migration from version 1.03 remains unchanged, you will find it in our Storage@Home category.

The 32 bit Linux client is not yet available from download even if the link is present … it should be ready to download within the next 24 hours.

Storage@home phase 1 is complete

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The first phase of Storage@home is nearing completion: the v1.03 client expired today at midnight UTC. It should stop automatically with a message indicating its expiry. You can then uninstall it by following the link Installation instructions.

There is some good news in that despite the small number of machines (a total of 170 machines registered and successfully posted data to the server), data collection was sufficient and Adam Beberg submitted his paper for publication approval. We will know in December if it has been accepted or not.

Stay tuned for news about the project.

Storage@home needs you!

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Storage@home needs you!
Adam Beberg, the creator of the Storage@home project, needs you!

SAH is currently in a phase to see if the mathematical model devised by Adam is consistent with measurements made by the monitor program (currently v1.03). Currently, here are the contributions:

OS CPU Hosts Memory (in MB)
Win32 x86 51 123862
Win64 x64 26 160420
MacOS X x64 6 26624
Linux x86 10 16726
Linux x64 21 91134
Totals: 114 418766

To validate the model, Adam has estimated it would need 1000 contributors before the deadline of this phase of the project (September 30th), so please, join Storage@home!

All information on this project, including the installation procedure, can be found here: Storage@home.

Storage@home project phase 1 released

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You may be aware of a paper by Adam Beberg published 2 years ago about a project called Storage@home. This project had its initial launch today.

What is Storage@home?
The project has been designed to address the staggering storage needs of Folding@home. The principal idea of Storage@home is to create a distributed storage network which is secure and accessible at all times. Eventually, Folding@home and Storage@home may merge into a single client, to provide both computing power and storage (at the donator's discretion).
An article introducing the project in rather more detail should follow in the next few days.

The first development phase of Storage@home has just been launched. This aims to study the behaviour of machines connected to the internet to determine the algorithms used for storage (breakdown, redundancy, availability).

For all the latest information on the project, we have created new categories for Storage@home for News and Articles.

Adam Beberg (the project's creator) would like to stress that this project is not intended for less technically able users, as you will see for yourself if you read the FAQ and installation instructions, particularly in the requirements for your network. The client will also be updated rapidly in its early stages, so users would need to regularly check if updates have been made available for the client, and of course report any bugs or questions on the official forum.

We will post more information as it becomes available.