FAH-Addict is recruiting!

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FAH-Addict EN wishes to recruit to the site a contributor for articles, tutorials and/or news. This position does not require vast amounts of time from the applicant; merely an hour or so here and there every few days. It is possible that should more than one good candidate apply, we will accept more than just one of them onto the team.

Unlike with the previous recruitment process for an administrator, this posting is just to be a contributor, and does not require any knowledge of the French language. If you have a decent grounding in French, this will of course be a bonus, but not having it will not negatively affect your application.

The posting will generally involve writing news or redacting it from other sources - to which credit is given - about the Folding@Home project and advances in various aspects of it (folding clients, cores, etc.) and/or general computing technology which affects folding performance, such as new graphics cards, processors, motherboards, etc. If you have some knowledge of the French language, you can also opt to translate news from the French site.

Bear in mind, there is no set schedule for this position; you won't have set hours to work, and it's largely up to you when to put the work in, within reason. You won't find yourself being cut down because you haven't contributed any news for say a week or so. That said, the more active you can be, the better.

Applicants should:

  • have time to dedicate to the site
  • be a good speaker of English (preferably fluent, but this is flexible)
  • preferably have a decent knowledge of F@H, but definitely a good general knowledge of IT
  • have an IM account (preferably on the MSN/Windows Live Messenger network)

Your application should contain some basic info such as: why you are interested in the position; how much time you feel able to put into the site; and a bit of an introduction for yourself. Feel free to add more detail! Don't be intimidated; we're a fairly laid-back bunch, and we don't expect perfection.

Applications should be sent via email, to fahaddict at gmail dot com, as can any questions you may have about the position. Alternatively, questions (but not applications) can be posted in the comments section of this article, and will receive a response. Thanks!