More FAH team member profiles added.

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The remaining profiles of members of the Pande Group that were posted by Vijay have been published in the Pande Group Researchers section.

The new members added are
  • Dan Ensign, an all-rounder for the project (and quite a funny guy ;))
  • Relly Brandman, who focuses on the Ribosome tunnel and antibiotics
  • Paula Petrone, another Ribosome tunnel specialist, but also helps to find new ways to speed the MD folding process
  • John Chodera, who helps to upgrade the scientific methods in use by Folding@home
  • Adam Beberg, the primary designer of a lot of the FAH software (for example, the GPU FahCore, and the Cosm library on which the client is based)
  • Edgar Luttmann, who primarily researches Alzheimer's Disease, but has also developed new ways of modeling water in the simulations
  • Vince Voelz, a third Ribosome specialist
  • Jason Wagoner, who develops new ways of modeling water in the simulations with Dr. Luttmann

More introductions will follow as and when they are posted by Vijay ;)