Elledan's Appeal!

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Hello, Folders!

I come to discuss an appeal launched by one of our Dutch members, Elledan, known on Twitter as Maya Posch.

Maya is Dutch. She was born with a genetic disorder which means she is physically neither male nor female. She is intersex, and has elected for a female lifestyle. Her genetic defect causes numerous medical complications (you can read all about these in detail on her website) and her medical bills are often very high. Maya must take some medical tests shortly - expensive and costing around €1100 - but her private health insurance and the Netherlands' social security have both neglected to provide her aid.

Today, a very generous donor sent her enough money to cover the main test, but there are others she must still pay for.

If you are able to provide Maya with any help, no matter how small, I'm sure she would greatly appreciate and be better off for it.

Thanks for your consideration!