New Articles: The researchers of the Pande Group

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Today we have added a new category: Pande Group Researchers.

These articles are direct copies of posts on Vijay Pande's official project blog, as the head of the project, to introduce his team. You can learn more about the people behind the projects running on Folding@home, and we hope eventually this will include the entire team. Some members may be independent researchers based away from Stanford and the rest of the group, but all have made significant contributions to the project, and you will probably have heard of them.

We begin on the site today with four members:

Guha Jayachandran, the original developer of the Gromacs core (FahCore_78) and methods for calculating free energies.
Del Lucent, the "Master of Statistics", Chaperonin and Ribosome specialist
Peter Kasson, Mr SMP and a specialist in the process of membrane fusion.
Greg Bowman, a key figure in FAH software and methods development.

Those of you who joined the project in 2007 or earlier will probably have already seen the first three articles, this is aimed more at people who have joined the project since then!

Happy reading!
More members will be added over the next few days.