A Wiki for FAH-Addict!

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A Wiki for FAH-Addict!
We know you love to contribute to the community, so here we're giving you the freedom to post your tips, advice and tutorials with this new tool at your disposal!

The idea is to finally consolidate all the information generated by the English folding community in the most comfortable interface possible. All ideas are welcome!

To participate, simply open an account and select the Wiki link on the left sidebar.

FAH-Addict EN passes 5000 visitors!

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It may be a relatively small number for some sites but the 5000 mark is a big one for us as a fledgling site. Thank you for your support :)

We shall endeavour to make the site continue to be worth reading!

Bring on 10,000 :D

A solution to the performance problems of a2 2.10

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The performance problems of the a2 core v2.10 on dual cores should now be a thing of the past: "tear", a user of the official forums, has discovered a variable linked to the MPI layer, which seems to solve the performance issues of native and virtualized dual-core folding machines.

To read more, see our article Optimization for a2 core v2.10 for the detail.

Experimental kernel optimized for your Linux Folding!

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Experimental kernel optimized for your Linux Folding!
We are offering an exclusive kernel compiled by us, featuring many optimizations that we believe to be beneficial to our fellow folders. The nucleus of the kernel is in the form of two DEBs for Debian/Ubuntu.

We tested the installation of this kernel in Ubuntu 9.04 and Linux Mint 7, and while there is an error emitted during installation, everything nonetheless works well. It is for Intel Core 2 machines and higher.

However, before you start installing these packages, we must inform you that:
  • You install these packages at your own risk; it could be that the kernel introduces problems to your system. Such are the problems of running experimental kernels
  • By using this kernel, you are not protected against security vulnerabilities that will be corrected in later versions (we'll try to update the kernel with critical vulnerability fixes)
  • The performance gain is not guaranteed
  • The change of variables in the system will mean that your OS will become slightly less reactive and prioritise background processes.

Kernel 2.6.28-10 FAHAddictXeon64 Headers
Kernel 2.6.28-10 FAHAddictXeon64 Image

If you have an AMD processor, it will be necessary to recompile your kernel yourself using this tutorial.

More FAH team member profiles added.

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The remaining profiles of members of the Pande Group that were posted by Vijay have been published in the Pande Group Researchers section.

The new members added are
  • Dan Ensign, an all-rounder for the project (and quite a funny guy ;))
  • Relly Brandman, who focuses on the Ribosome tunnel and antibiotics
  • Paula Petrone, another Ribosome tunnel specialist, but also helps to find new ways to speed the MD folding process
  • John Chodera, who helps to upgrade the scientific methods in use by Folding@home
  • Adam Beberg, the primary designer of a lot of the FAH software (for example, the GPU FahCore, and the Cosm library on which the client is based)
  • Edgar Luttmann, who primarily researches Alzheimer's Disease, but has also developed new ways of modeling water in the simulations
  • Vince Voelz, a third Ribosome specialist
  • Jason Wagoner, who develops new ways of modeling water in the simulations with Dr. Luttmann

More introductions will follow as and when they are posted by Vijay ;)

New Articles: The researchers of the Pande Group

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Today we have added a new category: Pande Group Researchers.

These articles are direct copies of posts on Vijay Pande's official project blog, as the head of the project, to introduce his team. You can learn more about the people behind the projects running on Folding@home, and we hope eventually this will include the entire team. Some members may be independent researchers based away from Stanford and the rest of the group, but all have made significant contributions to the project, and you will probably have heard of them.

We begin on the site today with four members:

Guha Jayachandran, the original developer of the Gromacs core (FahCore_78) and methods for calculating free energies.
Del Lucent, the "Master of Statistics", Chaperonin and Ribosome specialist
Peter Kasson, Mr SMP and a specialist in the process of membrane fusion.
Greg Bowman, a key figure in FAH software and methods development.

Those of you who joined the project in 2007 or earlier will probably have already seen the first three articles, this is aimed more at people who have joined the project since then!

Happy reading!
More members will be added over the next few days.

A new news category: Science!

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We have created a new news category, to showcase the work of other scientists around the world which is relevant to the work being done by Folding@home. This category has been ingeniously named "Science" .

For now we will focus on progress on quantum science (the science of the infinitely small, like Folding@home) and medicine. However, feel free to express your interest in other areas :)