MemtestG80 implements OpenCL for MemtestCL

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MemtestG80, a memory and logic testing utility for graphics cards, has been ported to OpenCL by Imran Haque.

With this new version, the same tests can be performed on ATI and nVidia graphics cards, as well as on your CPU. This will come as good news to ATI fanboys in particular, who now at last have a way to check on the memory stability of their cards.

In order to use this program, your must have compatible drivers installed; for nVidia cards, you will need the the 195 series drivers or newer, and for ATI cards, you will need version 9.12 or higher as well as the Stream SDK.

You can download MemtestCL in our Overclocking tools category of our Web link section.

Updated 17 August at 21:30:
MemtestCL can now be downloaded without having to register an account on the site.