Updated GPU reviews on FAH-Addict

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As promised in the GT 240 review, we have updated it and the 9800 GTX+ review with more accurate power consumption figures, which do not include the power consumption of the rest of the machine in the process.

The updated consumption and efficiency figures can be found in the 9800 GTX+ review here and the GT 240 review here.

FAH-Addict downtime

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After several hours of virus hunting across different versions of FAH-Addict, as well other unrelated pages hosted on the same server, we're finally back.

What went wrong? ToTOW was surfing various web pages a few days ago (no doubt shockingly hardcore, and quite illegal Adanorm porn; keep it quiet though, we don't need a lawsuit on our hands) with his old, Windows-based laptop, and encountered a virus alert. On the surface, this was nothing special, but in actual fact, it was just the beginning of a truly epic very annoying adventure.

The page toTOW visited had been infected with malicious Javascript code which exploited a known vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player 10, and read data from the local hard drive. The script mined the details of our FTP server, and at 1AM, used the information gained to attach a second malicious script to has recouped all index files on the server.

Between 2am and 7am, the script attempted to deploy a trojan onto the computers of any site visitors lacking adequate antivirus protection. Shortly thereafter, we shut down the Apache and FTP servers, and analyzed the situation.

So far as we can tell, the trojan was not successfully deployed to any visitor's machines, but if you notice any abnormal activity, please contact us with the details. Your passwords are securely encrypted within our database and are perfectly safe. However, in true zealous adherence to the principle of security-by-paranoia, we recommend that you change your account password anyway.

We apologise for any inconvenience this event has caused, and will of course never trust toTOW with any privileged information ever again...

Hardware test of the nVidia GT240

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Today we have published a review of a card that should interest most folders who want to contribute as much as possible but without spending a small fortune on hardware and electricity: the nVidia GT240.

The card tested is an MSI N240GT-MD512/D5, from MSI's OC range.

Read the test here.

toTOW is still not happy with his method for measuring power used by cards, especially for cards with very low idle power consumption. He has added total power consumption to this test, as well as the delta figures. In future, this should not be an issue :)

The figures from this test and the previous test mean that this should be more accurate than the 9800GTX trial review that was posted last year.

Your stories

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When we chose to participate in the Folding@Home project, most of us did so for reasons beyond simply earning ourselves a name for racking up tremendous amounts of PPD. Our goal is to further the scientific research of the project for the good of medical science, and to help defeat the diseases that result from protein misfolding, such as Alzheimer's, Huntingdon's, and Parkingson's diseases; ALS; CJD; and many forms of cancer.

For some contributors, however, it is not just a sense of detached idealism that motivates you to actively participate in folding; you or your loved ones are afflicted with one or more of the diseases we aim to eradicate, and you are a major backbone of the Folding@Home project.

FAH-Addict is looking for such personally-affected contributors that are willing to share their experiences, and talk about the ways in which they have been affected by these diseases, and are continued to be affected so everyday. We would like to know more about how the disease that has affected you motivated you to join the project, and what impact the Folding@Home project in general has made on your lives.

If you wish to participate, please contact KaySL if English is your primary language, or Adanorm if it is French, by clicking the relevant link. Please note that you will need to be logged into the site in order to use the private messaging function.


Happy New Year 2010!

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Goodbye 2009; hello 2010!

A new year begins, and with it a new decade! We are seeing the beginning of another 10 years of misery. But look on the bright side; it's the Year of the Geek! In Roman numerals, 2010 is written "MMX"; a chilling reminder of that disgustingly antiquated multimedia instruction set for our microprocessors.

On the Folding@Home side of things, 2010 is already loaded up with announcements. We should fold our first SMP2 WU; our GPUs should abandon CUDA and Stream in favour of OpenCL; and the GPU2 client will be done away with in favour of its GPU3 successor.

The method of calculation popularised by Gromacs will make an ever more important impact on the newcomer that is Protomol, allowing for significant gains in performance. If we are fortunate, and all goes well, then the V7 client will also be launched with a very productive and not horrifyingly lethal bang.

On the hardware side, the Core i3 will replace the good old Core2 Duo as Intel's entry level processor of choice, with fairly significant gains in sight. nVidia should at long last begin a market rollout of the GT300 Fermi, which if you will recall was trumped as the holy grail of GPGPU technology, but like the holy grail, finding it on the market has been fruitless, owing to internal delays at nVidia.

In short, prospects are very bright all around. It will be a year full of major changes, and more than ever, our machines will work for the cause that we have taken up: the study of protein folding.

For FAH-Addict, 2009 has been a year of consolidation. The site is still very young, but we are intent on providing news on not just the Folding@Home project, but also on the wider technological field, so we may provide you information on what hardware is best suited to use with the Folding@Home software.

We will do everything we can to find partnerships with various hardware manufacturers, but also with all those who wish to lend their support.

FAH-Addict is not fixed or unchanging; we aim to serve the Folding community and to meet your expectations. Please do not hesitate to send us your ideas, contributions, comments, insults, hardware, life savings, grandmother, spare internal organs, sisters, credit cards, breast implants, sanity, soul, unswerving loyalty to the forces of Hell or general feedback... :s

A very happy New Year 2010 to all!

The Team:
Adams, John, Julien, Kay and Thomas

Merry Christmas!

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As a spokeswoman for the team, I wish a merry Christmas to all folders. I hope you all have a good time with your friends or family, and that you'll receive all the gifts you wished for (and if they produce a lots of WUs, it’ll be perfect ;))!

The team:
Adams, John, Julien, Kay and Thomas

FAH-Addict prepares to review!

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FAH-Addict prepares to review!
As per the plan when this website was set up, FAH-Addict intends to start publishing hardware reviews in the future. However, before we test new hardware, we wish to do a dummy test on some older hardware in order to gather opinions on what the format of the reviews should be.

As such, there is a new poll to decide which piece of older hardware we should test first:

  • nVidia's 9800GTX+
  • ATI's HD4870

The poll can be found top right of the website homepage, or in the polls module.

Please give us your recommendations on what you like to see tested and what you would like the reviews to contain!

The FAH-Addict team.

New PandeGroup researcher profiles added

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Our series of articles on the PandeGroup researchers has been expanded with the addition of three new profiles:

  • Adam Beberg, the designer of much of the F@H software, as well as the currently under development Storage@Home project
  • Edgar Luttmann, whose research focuses on Alzheimer's disease and developing new models for water simulations
  • Vincent Voelz, whose area of expertise lies in ribosome specialism

Happy reading.

FAH-Addict is recruiting!

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FAH-Addict EN wishes to recruit to the site a contributor for articles, tutorials and/or news. This position does not require vast amounts of time from the applicant; merely an hour or so here and there every few days. It is possible that should more than one good candidate apply, we will accept more than just one of them onto the team.

Unlike with the previous recruitment process for an administrator, this posting is just to be a contributor, and does not require any knowledge of the French language. If you have a decent grounding in French, this will of course be a bonus, but not having it will not negatively affect your application.

The posting will generally involve writing news or redacting it from other sources - to which credit is given - about the Folding@Home project and advances in various aspects of it (folding clients, cores, etc.) and/or general computing technology which affects folding performance, such as new graphics cards, processors, motherboards, etc. If you have some knowledge of the French language, you can also opt to translate news from the French site.

Bear in mind, there is no set schedule for this position; you won't have set hours to work, and it's largely up to you when to put the work in, within reason. You won't find yourself being cut down because you haven't contributed any news for say a week or so. That said, the more active you can be, the better.

Applicants should:

  • have time to dedicate to the site
  • be a good speaker of English (preferably fluent, but this is flexible)
  • preferably have a decent knowledge of F@H, but definitely a good general knowledge of IT
  • have an IM account (preferably on the MSN/Windows Live Messenger network)

Your application should contain some basic info such as: why you are interested in the position; how much time you feel able to put into the site; and a bit of an introduction for yourself. Feel free to add more detail! Don't be intimidated; we're a fairly laid-back bunch, and we don't expect perfection.

Applications should be sent via email, to fahaddict at gmail dot com, as can any questions you may have about the position. Alternatively, questions (but not applications) can be posted in the comments section of this article, and will receive a response. Thanks!