FAH-Addict downtime

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After several hours of virus hunting across different versions of FAH-Addict, as well other unrelated pages hosted on the same server, we're finally back.

What went wrong? ToTOW was surfing various web pages a few days ago (no doubt shockingly hardcore, and quite illegal Adanorm porn; keep it quiet though, we don't need a lawsuit on our hands) with his old, Windows-based laptop, and encountered a virus alert. On the surface, this was nothing special, but in actual fact, it was just the beginning of a truly epic very annoying adventure.

The page toTOW visited had been infected with malicious Javascript code which exploited a known vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player 10, and read data from the local hard drive. The script mined the details of our FTP server, and at 1AM, used the information gained to attach a second malicious script to has recouped all index files on the server.

Between 2am and 7am, the script attempted to deploy a trojan onto the computers of any site visitors lacking adequate antivirus protection. Shortly thereafter, we shut down the Apache and FTP servers, and analyzed the situation.

So far as we can tell, the trojan was not successfully deployed to any visitor's machines, but if you notice any abnormal activity, please contact us with the details. Your passwords are securely encrypted within our database and are perfectly safe. However, in true zealous adherence to the principle of security-by-paranoia, we recommend that you change your account password anyway.

We apologise for any inconvenience this event has caused, and will of course never trust toTOW with any privileged information ever again...