Ongoing maintenance on Folding@Home servers

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As mentioned on the official Twitter account :

A few key servers for Folding@Home project (the AS ones) are in maintenance for a few hours. Don't freak out, everything will be back online soon !

Source : Vijay's blog

EDIT : 27/08/2013 12:30pm UTC

Maintenance has been longer than expected due to network hiccups encountered after the servers were restarted. But today at about 2 am UTC, almost everything has been reactivated and things have been progressively doing better. Vijay Pande has officially announced it on Twitter after two intermediate messages :

You should keep in mind that some type of WUs are still causing issues : for instance, I’m still unable to send or get work for my old nVidia GPUs (pre-Fermi).

Source: Vijay’s blog

EDIT : 27/08/2013 8:00pm UTC

As we already noticed in previous update, VSP07 server, which handles WUs mainly for core 11, is still broken. System administrator of University are still working hard to fix it and put it back on line.

Source : Vijay's blog