Cleaning up bad SMP A2 WUs.

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The news is quite good : Peter Kasson is currently running a script server side that is repairing all trajectories affected by the "fold on 1 core" issue (that produces CoreStatus FF errors with 2.10 A2 core and has a ~1.5 MB data file).

To make it simple, the script is removing affected WUs ( "Gen N" WUs) and previous generation WUs ("Gen N-1" WUs) that produced these erroneous WUs. With this script, we should be able to refold those Gen N-1 WUs and then Gen N WUs and thanks to core 2.10 fixes, they should fold fine and keep the trajectories running.

Project 2677 has been cleared and Peter Kasson has a script currently working on Project 2671. Unfortunately, this process is not entirely automated and it doesn't automatically regenerate new WUs. This might cause a temporary shortage of A2 WUs until the rebuild process is completed.

Don't be surprised if you fold some A1 WUs or if you have trouble getting work while the rebuild process is running.