Switch to core a4 for more points!

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Stanford definitely wants us all to move over to using Core a4, and they know full well how to motivate us to do so.

Core a4, successor to cores a2 and a3, is the first that works equally well in both single- and multi-core modes. However this feature only works properly for v6 clients 6.34 and higher, and all versions of the v7 client. Currently the a4 core is used for the most modern projects, with core a3 being kept for projects released before core a4 was considered stable.

In order to incentivise upgrading to use the new core, Stanford is using the ultimate carrot: a 10% points bonus on all units using the a4 core. This will not be visible on monitoring software as the project summary will not be updated with the boosted points, but will be applied by the servers nonetheless.

So if you have not already, switch to v7 for more points!

Source: Vijay's blog