16 cores minimum requirement for BigAdv on January 2012.

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This is like a storm in the most devoted folders world : starting January 16th, 2012 the BigAdv projects will require at least 16 cores (16 physical cores, or 8 physical core supporting HyperThreading technology).

Stanford is aware that this decision will result in many disappointment and frustration for those who won't be able to get BigAdv anymore, since the BigAdv projects are earning a substantial bonus compared to regular SMP projects. But this decision was made to focus BigAdv program back to its initial goals: to provide a group of machine with higher computing power than average ones to work on a limited number of big projects that require fast return rates.

Since the launch of BigAdv program, 8 cores have become the norm thanks to Intel’s i7 CPUs providing 4 physical cores with HyperThreading technology. The massive enthusiasm for these projects has created shortages, forcing researchers to open up more projects in parallel, which is not always possible.

So, on January 16th, the « -bigadv » flag on machine with 8 or 12 cores will no longer provide BigAdv projects. It will automatically fall back to regular SMP projects.

Source : Vijay’s blog