New SMP Gromacs a3 projects: p11020 and p11021

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Dan Vanatta has released two new projects for the Gromacs SMP A3 core.

These projects are examining the conformational changes during a transition from the active state to the inactive state of the Nitrogen regulator protein C.

These projects are distributed from the server at, and have the following characteristics...
  • 25,192 atoms
  • 310 points
  • Bonus factor of 0.75
  • Preferred Deadline: 8 days
  • Final Deadline: 12 days

These projects are currently available to clients with the -advmethods flag and only available to Windows machines, though they should be rolled out to Linux shortly.

Updated 29th March:
Project 11020 has left -advmethods and is now available to all folders.

Source: Official Forum