SMP v6.34 client available for download

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Version 6.34 of the SMP client is now available for download on FAH's high-performance clients page, for both Windows and Linux.

It is provided as an executable file, which should be placed in the main directory of an already installed client. For safety and data stability reasons, it is recommended that this update be applied when no partially-completed units are present.

The main new feature in this version is support for the new A5 core, which should be making its public appearance in the near future.

This new core will be used exclusively by BigAdv projects. It's identical to A3 core, but it is built from a different code branch which is specific to BigAdv projects to improve compatibility and stability.

Source: Vijay Pande's Blog

Updated on 02/25 at 11:30 :
Project 6901 has just started being assigned. It is identical to project 6900, the only difference being the use of the new A5 core.