How many atoms are there in a BigAdv unit?

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Some of you may have noticed that the Project Summary page is failing to display the atom count for BigAdv units (p268x). If you are wondering how many atoms these units contain then you need wonder no more...

toTOW decided to investigate after reviewing the introduction of Peter Kasson, especially this passage:

Indeed, due to the very large size of lipid vesicle simulations (which can easily be 1 to 10 million atoms in size), the SMP client is extremely important to this research.

He finally found the answer after reviewing a set of log files, which contain details for the researchers (these files are sent back in the results package) which are not printed in FAHlog.txt... the BigAdv units contain at least 1,094,681 atoms!

More information on these projects: they study the process of cell infection by the influenza virus (see description), which involves the fusion of liposomes (the fatty covering of the virus fusing with the fatty covering of the cell being infected). This process is illustrated in the following image:

Liposome fusion

With over a million atoms in the simulation, one can easily understand the need for massive amounts of memory and computing power when processing BigAdv units. The conventional SMP units are comparative featherweights, with a "mere" 147,087 atoms!