Folding@home's v7 client expected for Q1 2011

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It is now official, Vijay Pande has announced that the v7 client has a target release date, namely the first quarter of 2011.

Of course, this gives a wide range for the release, and last minute bugs may well appear that may delay the release beyond the target date. However the fact that a date has been announced in advance at all is a good sign that no such issues are expected.

To recap, the new client has been designed with usability in mind. The current clients might best be described as functional, and the new client is intended to address the usability deficiencies and make contributing much easier. For the developers, the new code is intended to be much easier to maintain and more logical to add to, allowing faster development of further improvements.

As a result it should be easier for the client to be modified to support new client types or methods than it has been with the current clients.

We will keep you updated of any news on this release.

Source: Official Forums