New BigAdv Gromacs A3 project: p6900

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After a long wait - and a unit shortage - Peter Kasson has finally announced the arrival of a new BigAdv project. Designated project 6900, it is a Windows-only continuation of the studies carried out by previous projects in the 268x series.

The performance and characteristics will be more or less the same as that of its predecessors: 1,098,185 atoms, 8,955 point yield, and a k-factor of 26.4. This project is geared towards octo-core and higher machines; deadlines are then reduced accordingly: a preferred deadline of 4 days (to take advantage of the bonus), and a final deadline of 6 days.

European folders will be pleased to learn that this project is distributed by the server at, located at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

Source: Official Forum