New GPU3 Fermi project: p6800

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Yu-Shan Lin has released a new project for the GPU3 Fermi client: project 6800. It is currently available only to users running their client with the -advmethods flag enabled.

This project is comprised of second-stage sampling simulations of a single full-length amyloid beta (Abeta) monomer in water. This peptide is a pathological marker of Alzheimer's disease in the form of plaques in patients' brain. The simulated system is comprised of a full-length Abeta in water. The results will be used to build models of Markov states for the Abeta monomer, and will serve as a starting point for future oligomerization studies.

These units are distributed by the server at and is comprised of 626 atoms. They each yield 1,298 points, and should preferably be completed and returned within 4 days, but no later than 10 days.

Source: Project Description