GPU2, GPU3 Fermi, and uniprocessor -advmethods projects go public

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Many projects have just left the realm of -advmethods and are now seeing public distribution - that is, you need not enable the -advmethods flag in order to run them. These projects are for GPU2, GPU3, and uniprocessor clients.

GPU3 - Fermi:
Projects 10927-10978 and 11214-11265. For more information, see our previous announcement of these projects.

GPU2 - nVidia:
Managed by Greg Bowman, project 10109 has just made its appearance. It is intended for nVidia cards, utilises the GPU2 core, and simulates the folding of ubiquitin. Distributed by the server, these units are comprised of 1,174 atoms, and yield 494 points. The preferred deadline is 2 days, and the final deadline is 3.

Projects 11,266-11,287. For more information, see our initial announcement of these projects.

Structure of ubiquitin.