Happy 10th birthday Folding@home!

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Yes, you read that title right. Folding@home is a decade old today! Since launching on October 1st, 2000, the Folding@home project has consistently pushed the boundaries of what was deemed possible to model using computer simulations, resulting in some 75 peer-reviewed research papers, and further advances are planned in the near future.

Following on from the recent move to OpenMM for GPUs, and the graduation of the SMP2 client to full release, the Pande Group are currently testing the first full rewrite of the client code since the project began, known as v7, and OpenCL cores for nVidia and ATI graphics cards. More scientific analysis cores are also planned, as is improved server software.

The over-riding goal of these advances is to support as much hardware as feasible as easily as possible, with the improved server code intended to allow the project to grow without over-stretching itself.

So many happy returns to Folding@home, and long may it continue :)

Source: Official Blog