Solution to SMP server problems on the way

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As you may have noticed these days, the SMP servers have been having some issues, mostly related to overloading. These are especially prevalent on the server at, which distributes the p670x series of units.

The Pande Group has been forced to run a reduced number of SMP servers recently due to a fault in the RAID systems of one of the new, big servers. The system administators at Stanford University who manage the project's servers believe they have isolated the fault after talking to the server's manufacturer, and are proceeding with a series of firmware updates which they believe will fix the problem. An exact timescale is not known, but Vijay hopes the process should not take too long.

In addition, the team also plans on adding more SMP servers in the coming weeks, along with new SMP projects and WUs. Obviously those will need to pass through the usual QA system first, but there should be many more WUs available for SMP clients once that is complete.

All of this is part of a plan which will culminate in the completion and open beta release of the v7 client. This new client is intended to make SMP folding considerably easier to manage, though the 6.30 client already has the same easier-to-use SMP mode that the new client should bring.

Source : Vijay Pande's blog