SMP client reaches version 6.30 and casts off MPI

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After a long wait, it's finally here; version 6.30 of the SMP client, which sees the end of MPI support being required in order to run, among other improvements. Installation of the client is easier than before; there is no need to install it via a .BAT file or via the traditional program installation method, and Windows Vista/7 no longer launches an MPI installation in administrator mode, so the UAC should not whinge anymore. Installation of the client to run in service mode should now once again be possible.

Core A1 units are no longer officially distributed, but it's still possible for one to work its way get into your work queue, which might crash the client due to the absence of MPI. It is for this reason that the client is considered to be a beta. Note that you can still keep your MPI installation in order to reduce the risk of crashes.

To install the new client, you can perform either of two approaches:

  • Simply replace the currently installed client executable with the new version. You should be able to then manually uninstall MPI (Deino or MPICH).
  • Uninstall the old client and all of its components, perform a clean install of the 6.30 client.

You can find download links on the high performance clients page, and the official installation guide can be found here.

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Edited 9:35am:
The announcement has been made on the Official Blog.