GPU3 progress report

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The Pande Group have been tracking the progress of the GPU3 client beta test, and have decided that it is time for the client to become more mainstream. As a result the 6.32 client required to access GPU3 client units has now been placed on the download page, to replace the older 6.23 client.

For now GPU3 is nVidia only, in the form of Core 15, but in the coming weeks it is hoped that it will be joined in testing by a second GPU3 core, imaginatively named Core 16.

The Pande Group are working hard on a port of GPU3 for ATI, which will use OpenCL. Sadly the code currently has performance issues and as such is not ready for testing. For the curious, more information on the code that will bring OpenCL support can be found at the OpenMM website. The source code which will enable ATI OpenCL support is available on the website under the LGPL licence, and anyone that wishes to take a look and/or contribute is welcome and encouraged to do so.

On a hardware note, the new client is required to fold with cards based on the Fermi chipset. It also features a much more up to date internal list of hardware IDs, so those of you who have been folding with ATI HD4xxx and HD5xxx cards will no longer need the forcegpu flag to fold with this client.

Source: Vijay Pande's Blog