New SMP2 projects: 2630-2631

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Peter Kasson has just released two new SMP2 projects: p2630 and p2631.

These projects implement a new set of features, setting them apart from the majority of current projects. Previously unseen variations in performance between machines may be observed as a result.

These projects are distributed by the server at, and have the following properties:

  • 102,731 atoms
  • preferred deadline of 3 days
  • final deadline of 4 days
  • worth 462 points
  • bonus factor of 3.1

These projects have proven very stable on quad-core machines during preliminary tests, though a few problems have been observed on machines registering 8 cores or more, probably due to the special properties of the simulated systems in these projects, which can cause instabilities relating to the parallelization of calculations. Therefore, these projects are initially being distributed only to machines using quad-cores and running with the -advmethods flag enabled.

Updated 11/07 at 9:10pm:
In the wake of complaints regarding the size of the results files (approximately 114MB) these projects have been suspended. We do not yet know whether they will be re-released as BigAdv projects (whose results files are >100MB) or if they will return in a more streamlined and efficient version which generates smaller results files.