v7 client update

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As many of you will know, a new version of the client (dubbed v7) is under development which is a ground-up rewrite of the client code. This is intended to make the client easier to maintain, more reliable, and much more adaptable to add features that donors request. The first versions will not have everything that donors have asked for, but some significant changes will be noticed.

The most obvious of these will be that the client will be the first truly all-in-one client the project has had since uniprocessor was the only client type available. The client will be able to manage single-core CPU, SMP, and GPU cores from just one executable, with any number of uniprocessor and GPU cores controlled from one client executable (subject to the limitations of the hardware available, obviously). Also instantly noticable will be a new GUI, and for developers, much better tools to support monitoring the client. In time, it is hoped that it will be possible to use one copy of the client to manage other clients and cores on multiple machines, but it should be stressed that this is a longer-term aim.

The first console version of the v7 client has been through internal testing and is now undergoing limited closed alpha testing. Whilst there are definitely some rough edges, Vijay hopes that no showstoppers will appear, and that something ready for open beta will be ready within the next month or two, possibly sooner.

Source: Official Blog