New nVidia GPU projects: p10510-16

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Vincent Voelz has just set projects 10510-10516 to general release for the nVidia GPU client. These projects use Core 11 and are a continuation of the study of the NTL9 protein, which began with projects 10501-10504. The different run numbers represent slightly different mutations of the protein, all starting from the native (folded) state. The different mutations are being used to analyse their effects on the stability of the protein, and the eventual unfolded state that it will reach.

Each project simulates the following sequence variants:
  • RUN 0: wild-type
  • RUN 1: V3A
  • RUN 2: V3I
  • RUN 3: V3L
  • RUN 4: D8N
  • RUN 5: K12M
  • RUN 6: K12M G34(D-Ala)
  • RUN 7: F5A
  • RUN 8: F5A K12M

All the projects have a preferred deadline of 8 days and a final deadline of 12 days. They are worth 587 points and are served from, which still runs the old v4 server code.

Source: Project Description