GPU3 in open beta, GeForce GTX 4xx finally supported

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Owners of GeForce GTX 4xx series cards have long awaited this news; the first GPU3 core (core 15) has just been released as an open beta.

This core requires the download of a new client (see below) as well as a minimum version of nVidia's 195.36 drivers, though the latest ones (197.45) are preferred. This is the first GPU core to utilise code developed by Stanford's OpenMM project.

The initial core version only functions on nVidia GPUs, but the team is working on adding ATI GPU support, with help from ATI/AMD, though for now no release date - potential or official - has been given.

Bear in mind that this core is still considered to be beta, and as such there will most likely be bugs to be found. However, the client is stable enough to have been made available to the general public, and has undergone rigorous internal testing prior to release.

Two major bugs have already been detected, however, and once again you should keep in mind that the client will not work with ATI cards. As for the bugs, some testers have encountered compatibility troubles with some cards in the 8800 and 9800 series. The development team is aware of the issues and is working to eliminate these bugs.

The first units to make use of the new client and core are based on projects 10626 and 10627. These projects simulate the villin protein using the Generalized Born implicit solvent model. These projects will be used during the beta test in order to validate the calculations and make sure the scientific code is functioning correctly.

The units are distributed by the server at, and should preferably be completed and returned within two days, but no later than three. Project 10626 nets 610 points, and project 10627 gives you 611.

Initial performance figures are as follows (though note that as development continues, these figures may change):

  • 9800 GTX+: 6,000 PPD
  • GT240: 2,500 PPD
  • GTX 470: 12,000 PPD
  • GTX 480: 14,500 PPD

You can download the new clients by visiting the relevant links below:

Systray 6.32:
Console 6.31 (Windows XP):
Console 6.31 (Windows Vista/Seven):

For more information, please refer to the FAQ on the official site.

If you have any questions, encounter problems with the new client or core, or if you wish to give feedback and the performance details of your card while running the new core, please don't hesitate to do so by posting a comment!

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