BigAdv projects begin the transition to the A3 core

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As announced a few months ago, the BigAdv projects will soon be dropping the A2 core in favour of A3, which will signal the completion of the transition from SMP1 to SMP2; the A3 core being one of the first major applications for the latter.

Project 2684 makes its appearance at this point, and is the first BigAdv project to utilise the A3 core. Scientifically, the project is very close in makeup to those in the 2681-2683 range, which we know as BigAdv A2. It will be used to supplement the data obtained during the first phase of BigAdv and will validate the use of the A3 core on BigAdv projects.

This project is distributed by the usual BigAdv server at Each unit consists of 1,096,433 atoms, and should preferably be completed four days or less if you want an early return bonus. The final deadline is six days. Each unit is worth 8,955 points, and the bonus factor is 26.4. These values may be adjusted at a later date after feedback from users.

Initially, project 2684 will only be available for Linux and OSX, but the Windows version should make its appearance shortly afterwards.