Update on GTX4xx support

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Vijay Pande has posted some more information about the pending support for nVidia's Fermi/GTX4xx cards in Folding@home. It has not been a trivial fix to make the cores work on these new cards, and a new client will be required to support the cards, as well as some behind-the-scenes changes to the Pande Group's software.

The upside of this extra effort should mean that the new core will utilise these more powerful cards far more effectively than the current cores would have if they worked on Fermi. However as a result support for the GTX4xx series is still a few weeks away, whilst the new code undergoes thorough internal testing, so your cards will need to remain idle for a little longer. Or maybe give you an excuse to dig out those dust-covered PC games.

Source: Vijay Pande's blog