New nVidia GPU2 projects: 3469 and 3470

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Vincent Voelz has released two new projects for the nVidia GPU2 client: p3469 and p3470.

These projects are in addition to the recently announced projects 6319-6326. They also study the Fs peptide (p3469) and the C terminal hairpin of the G protein (p3470). These simulations are part of a much larger endeavour to determine the optimum settings for the "Generalized Born" implicit solvent model.

These methods were first used in the PS3 client, and were then added to the conventional/uniprocessor and GPU2 cores. The bulk of these tests have been run on the PS3 client.

These latest projects aim to refine the results still further, and also validate the results produced by Sony's flagship.

These projects are distributed from server These projects simulate smaller proteins, so should produce above average performance.

Points and deadlines:
project 3469 (Fs_peptide): 450 points, timeout 6 days, deadline 9 days, Quick Benchmark*: 55s, 7069PPD on a GT240 with the shaders at 1700MHz.
project 3470 (proG hairpin): 445 points, timeout 6 days, deadline 9 days, Quick Benchmark*: 45s, 8544PPD on a 9800GTX at stock clocks

Source: Project Descriptions