New GPU2 nVidia project: p5799

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Vincent Voelz has today launched project 5799 for GPU2 nVidia clients.

This project simulates the helix C terminus of the protein known as NTL9. Folding@Home researchers have already successfully constructed a Markov model (MSM, Markov State Model) of the NTL9 truncation mutant (1-39) (Journal of American Chemical Society 2010). This new project should go a way towards building the MSM of the corresponding C terminal fragment.

The ultimate goal is to combine all of these fragments in order to obtain a model of the entire NTL9 protein. These simulations will also allow a study into the hierarchical nature of folding.

The 5799 project is distributed by the server at, and contains 922 atoms. Each unit will give 375 points, with a preferred deadline of 15 days and final deadline of 25 days.

Here are the first benchmarks for this project:

  • 39s - 8307.69 PPD on a 9800GTX
  • 46s - 7043.48 PPD on a GT240 (shader @ 1700 MHz)

The points per day are a little generous for this type of unit, so enjoy them while they last.

Source: Project Description