SMP2 approaches, client update posted!

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Peter Kasson, SMP/SMP2 project manager, has just put a new version of the clients online for download. The Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X SMP clients have been updated, but the OS X installer has not yet.

The new clients, versioned 6.29, contain just two changes. One is a minor bugfix related to bigadv, but it is the other we are interested in. Client v6.29 supports SMP2! SMP2 has not yet reached public beta but when it does, this client will ensure you are ready for it.

However, there is no need to rush, as no SMP2 release date has yet been announced. As such, this is the first soft release in the history of Folding@home. You may update your clients at your leisure. However, if you fold bigadv units, it is recommended to update your clients as soon as possible as this client version will soon be required for bigadv assignments.

For Linux and OSX downloads (except the Installer), please visit:

For the new Windows installer, please visit:

Source : Folding Forum