Power Outage at Stanford

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As of 13:20 UTC today (5:20 Stanford time), many of the Folding@Home servers have gone offline, following a major power outage. The power plant that supplies the campus - Stanford Cogen - has failed, leaving the campus on emergency power only.

The backup generators have taken over, but some Folding@Home servers remain unpowered, and others that are still active could be powered down if the server rooms become too hot (the air conditioning systems are not completely powered by the emergency generators).

There is currently no estimate on when full power will be restored, but we will keep you up-to-date and report as soon as new information becomes available.

You can check the status of individual servers on the Server Status page. Don't be surprised if you are unable to return results to the servers or if you have trouble retrieving WUs.

Updated on 19/01, 19:43 UTC :
The cooling systems and power have been mostly restored. One major server room is still down, but all we can do now is wait for the administrators to take care of it.

Updated on 20/01, 0:14 TUC :
The last server room is back online and most servers should now be able to serve WUs.

Adapted from: Major power outage at Stanford