Statistics system webpage optimisations

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As you may know, the statistics system is planned to migrate during January to a more efficient server to better withstand the increasing number of project users.

In preparation for this migration, the Vijay Pande's team will perform an audit of the current system to identify which parts of the system pose the most problems. During this period, you might see some bugs on the stats pages.

It seems that some users abuse the stats pages by performing more than 1,000 queries on it per day. Vijay believes that normal use should not exceed 50 queries per day; the offending IP addresses will therefore be blacklisted in order to reduce system load. If you have a script that makes a lot of queries to the system, you will need to disable it.

Remember that if you need to access any statistics using a script, you have text files available. Visit this official FAQ entry for details.

Until the new server is established, certain functions will be disabled, such as the displaying of the number of active CPUs. This database has become so overburdened that the current server can no longer efficiently perform queries on it. The statistics pages will display "N/A" for such disabled information.

All of this should be reactivated when the new system goes into production in January.

Source: Optimizations to stats web pages