New project for nVidia GPU2: p10101

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In recent hours, some of you may have noticed a new WU on your nVidia GPU2 client: Project 10101.

This project is under the charge of Greg Bowman. It is distributed by a new server: It's reported to produce 548 points per WU, and the unit should preferably be returned within two days, with a final deadline being set to three days.

This project explores the lambda repressor of the villin headpiece. It is the continuation of Project 4744 (and similar) and has 1254 atoms. This project falls into the category of "large" units, so you can expect a decrease in PPD, and the operating temperature to ramp up.

We do not yet know if this project has been officially launched or if it is a test project that has mistakenly filtered through. Some people have also reported delays in downloading these units.

We will keep you informed if new information emerges.

Update as of 01:20 UTC, 29/12
Vijay Pande has posted an update about the non-crediting of points for these WUs:
"Taking a look, I see that this server isn't engaged into the stats system, so the points are safe (sitting in the log on the server), just not entered into the stats db. We've hooked it in and I reminded the researcher in charge of this machine that this wasn't done. The points should show up in the next stats update."

Update as of 12:10 UTC, 29/12
Greg Bowman has just confirmed that this project is public. It is distributed to –advmethods users.

Update as of 17:35 UTC, 30/12
This project is now distributed to everyone.