New 2.10 SMP A2 core

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As announced on French FAH-Addict on August, 18th, a bug in the SMP A2 core produced corrupted work units, the main manifestation of which was the use of only one CPU core to fold.

A new SMP A2 core, version 2.10, has just been released to solve this issue on both Linux and OSX. It includes a fix that should prevent those bad trajectories from continuing processing. It should stop the generation of new bad WUs.

This new core should stop with a "CoreStatus = FF (255)" error and then move to the next WU (expect up to four attempts on the same WU before moving to the next WU). Unfortunately, this part of the fix doesn't report the bad WU to the server. We don't know yet if this will be improved in the next core update or if someone at Stanford will manually remove these WUs.

This core is not yet available for auto-download. If you wish to use it, delete your current core to download the new version. Warning : you should do this only between two WU or your current unit has very high chances of being lost in the process.