Folding@Home and Ubuntu 10.10: a rocky start

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If you plan on upgrading your version of Ubuntu to 10.10, then beware. The SMP2 client is currently experiencing technical difficulties on Maverick, in the form of a segmentation fault upon startup:

fah6: ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/getpagesize.c:32: __getpagesize: Assertion `_rtld_global_ro._dl_pagesize != 0' failed.
Segmentation fault

There doesn't yet seem to be any working fix available, but when it comes it will likely be similar to the library hack we reported on the last time F@H and Ubuntu had a spat. One promising potential fix that we found involved manually initiating the nscd daemon before starting up the client, but alas it proved not to work.

The output given by the client would seem to indicate the client cannot work when there is no swap/page partition available, however this error is thrown up even on systems with an available swap partition.

Feel free to provide your own feedback, and if you discover a fix before we do, we'd appreciate if you share it with us!

Edited 04/11/10:

A workaround has been discovered; following are the console commands and instructions:

Execute sudo apt-get install nscd
Open /etc/nscd.conf with a text editor
Find the line enable-cache hosts no and change "no" to "yes"
Save the file and quit the editor
Execute sudo service nscd restart

Your folding client should now function correctly. Hopefully the v7 client won't require any such intervention when it is released!