Mobile Phenom II X4 to hit the shelves - June 2010

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Mobile Phenom II X4 to hit the shelves - June 2010
According to various reports, AMD is well on the way to having their mobile Phenom II Black Edition quad-core CPU ready to launch in June 2010. The first EVT samples should be available from January 2010, whilst mass production should already have begun in March of 2010, however the official introduction may be delayed until June 2010.

This is especially good news if you happen to fold on your laptop, as you will be able to eek out every last bit of processing power with these lean cores.

The Phenom II Black edition dual-core shares the same schedule with some lesser powered desktop CPUs, perhaps indicating that AMD has readied a new revision of the K10.5 core in dual- and quad-core variants, good news for those that value extreme-power laptops. In addition, the quad-core's power requirements should weigh in at 45 - 50W or less, though this is dependant on the clock speed and model. Currently, there is no information about the clock frequencies of these CPUs.

If you don't want to wait, there are other offers in AMD's mobile line, such as a modified Athlon K8, but if you are looking forward to 45nm K10.5 dual and quad core processors for your laptops, June 2010 is a good date to mark on your calendars !

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OSX/SMP client gets an update for Snow Leopard.

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OSX/SMP client gets an update for Snow Leopard.
Adam Beberg has posted a new version of the OSX/SMP client to resolve compatability issues with OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard). This version has been named v6.26.

  • Updated launchd file generator.
  • Prefpane start/stop for new 10.6 launchd files.
  • Remove buffer overflow from chemists using unsafe string functions, new 6.26 client included.
  • Installer redone from scratch due to 10.6 PackageMaker.
  • Cleanup deprecated Cocoa methods.

This new package includes client version 6.26, but due to the changes to the installer and files it will not work on versions of OSX earlier than 10.6. System Preferences will still restart in 32-bit mode, as the method for making 64-bit versions has not yet been revealed to Adam!

If you wish to test, the client can be downloaded from the link below. Please report any bugs with the installer or the new client at the earliest opportunity ;)

Updated 06/09 14H45 :
New 6.26.1 update available :
  • Revamp of the prefpane backend by Calxalot, HelperTool, more 10.6 newness.
  • New script in the /Applications/ if you want it, read it first.


Ticks 1 - 0 Cancer

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Considered a pest, disease carrier, and parasite, the Tick is not very fashionable.

However a team of researchers at the Butantan Institute at Sao Paulo in Brazil have discovered an unexpected beneficial side effect in Tick saliva. The protein in Tick saliva - which has been nicknamed "Active X Factor" - has been administered to animals with various cancerous tumours. The results are amazing: after 14 days of treatment cancerous growth stopped and after 42 days of treatment the cancerous growth was gone! The team is currently patenting this system with a view to testing on humans and maybe a release to market if tests are successful.

If that happens then sadly your PC is a big loser in the fight against cancer... to a parasite that is a few millimetres long! Frustrating...

Source: Techno-science

Intel releases P55 motherboard specifications

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Intel releases P55 motherboard specifications
The official launch of Intel's new LGA 1156 socket will be September 8th, this year. What a start for your new folding system :D

These motherboards are based on the P55 Express chipset, three of which are aimed at gamers as members of the Extreme series, which have the recognisable skull on the bottom of the PCB. The codenames for these cards are Kingsberg (DP55KG), Sharpsburg (DP55SB) and Warrensburg (DP55WG).

The DP55KG and DP55SB support two graphics cards with the PCI-Express slots operating at 8x, and both SLI and Crossfire modes, while the DP55WG supports just Crossfire. If you want to fold with multiple GPUs in a smaller tower, the DP55SB uses the microATX form factor.

DP55KG, SB et WG characteristics are summarized in this chart.
Prices of the boards:
  • DP55KG: £175, $285, €200
  • DP55SB: £165, $270, €189
  • DP55WG: £120, $200, €139

A fourth motherboard is also due out; the DP55WB "Whitesburg". It adopts the standard microATX form factor and has one PCI Express 16x, two PCI-e 1X, 6 SATA ports, a 5.1 audio controller, Gigabit LAN, 6 USB 2.0 ports, 1 firewire, and 4 slots for DDR3 1333 RAM. This motherboard will be sold at around £85, $135, €95.

The DP55WB motherboard from Intel.

Source: PCWorld & Matbe

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A new news category: Science!

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We have created a new news category, to showcase the work of other scientists around the world which is relevant to the work being done by Folding@home. This category has been ingeniously named "Science" .

For now we will focus on progress on quantum science (the science of the infinitely small, like Folding@home) and medicine. However, feel free to express your interest in other areas :)

Sony release PS3 Slim and v3 firmware

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Sony release PS3 Slim and v3 firmware
A new version of the PS3 was yesterday released by Sony. It has been nicknamed "Slim", owing to its small size, and replaces the current version from September 1st (UK and US) and September 2nd (Continental Europe). It has an MRRP of £249, $299 or €299.

Some of the changes:

* Die shrink of the Cell processor from 65nm to 45nm
* Completely redesigned cooling system
* Overall power consumption reduced by 34%, according to the manufacturer, or 100W
* A 120GB hard drive, which can be replaced with a higher capacity drive if unsuitable

The launch of the PS3 Slim coincides with the release of version 3.00 of the console firmware, which will be installed on all versions. This firmware incorporates various bug fixes and interface improvements.

Folding@Home will still be available via Life with Playstation, and the performance of these applications will remain unchanged (between 900 and 1000 PPD). The Cell processor will still operate at 3.2GHz, but the overall reduction in power consumption of the system should improve the PPD-Watt ratio to around 9-10PPDpW.

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Radeon 5800 prices leaked !

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Radeon 5800 prices leaked !
We'll have the flagship, the 5870X2, priced at $599, which is $50 less than the price of the GTX 280 when it has just been released. The lower price range ($499) will remain free, maybe for a hypothetical 5850X2 or a first cut on the price of the 5870X2 ?

The 5870 model will be available in the $379-399 price range and its little sister, the 5850 should be sold between $279-299.

Given the fact that these boards won't have any opponent at first, we might expect to see them in the higher price of their range, and then the price might be adjusted after the nVidia GT300 release.

ATI/AMD pricing policy seems coherent with previous board generations prices. As soon as we know the Folding@Home performances of these boards, we'll be able to define their efficiency (PPD/$ and PPD/W).

Source : BrightSideofNews

New 2.10 SMP A2 core

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As announced on French FAH-Addict on August, 18th, a bug in the SMP A2 core produced corrupted work units, the main manifestation of which was the use of only one CPU core to fold.

A new SMP A2 core, version 2.10, has just been released to solve this issue on both Linux and OSX. It includes a fix that should prevent those bad trajectories from continuing processing. It should stop the generation of new bad WUs.

This new core should stop with a "CoreStatus = FF (255)" error and then move to the next WU (expect up to four attempts on the same WU before moving to the next WU). Unfortunately, this part of the fix doesn't report the bad WU to the server. We don't know yet if this will be improved in the next core update or if someone at Stanford will manually remove these WUs.

This core is not yet available for auto-download. If you wish to use it, delete your current core to download the new version. Warning : you should do this only between two WU or your current unit has very high chances of being lost in the process.

Thuban prepares to shine

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Thuban prepares to shine
Thuban is a star in the Dragon constellation... but it is also the codename of the new high-end hexcore CPU from AMD. Do not expect to see this giant (which hopefully will not be a shooting star) this year, as AMD plans to launch it after the Leo platform in 2010.

This processor is clearly designed to compete with Intel's Core i9 (Gulftown) processors: Six cores each with 512KB of L2 cache and 6MB of shared L3 cache, a dual-channel DDR3 controller at 1333MHz, produced on a 45nm process for the AM3 platform.

It seems that AMD does not think consumers need PCs with more than 4 cores, as they continue to recommend quad core CPUs for single processor machines, believing that higher frequencies are a greater advantage than greater numbers of cores.

Thuban is planned for the third quarter of 2010, but the release may be brought forward if there is strong demand, meaning it could be the launch CPU for Leo in May 2010 (currently, the launch CPU is the Phenom II quad-core range).

The competition between Thuban and Gulftown is fierce, which will be good news for enthusiasts and consumers alike... and we hope it will be the first single-socket AMD solution that will be capable of handling bigadv!

Source : Xbitlabs

Hemlock, aka HD5870X2, will be out before the year ends

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Hemlock, aka HD5870X2, will be out before the year ends
AMD will launch its newest high-end graphics card before the end of the year, in the fourth quarter of 2009.

The codename of this card is Hemlock, and it will replace the HD4870X2. It's retail name is not yet known but following current traditions it will most likely be called the HD5870X2.

This new beast should feature 2GB of GDDR5 and have many output options, e.g. DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI.

Here is a brief summary of the range:
  • Hemlock, also known as the R800, will be very high-end with two RV870 GPU dies, and will replace the HD4870X2.
  • Cypress is the high end GPU featuring a single RV870 GPU core, to replace the HD4890.
  • Juniper, is the middle and high-end mainstream card with the RV870 GPU, to replace the HD4850 and HD4870.
  • Redwood is a medium powered card based on the RV830 GPU, which will replace cards based on RV730 and RV740.
  • Cedar is the entry level card based on the RV810.

There are many rumours about the release date of these cards, with various sources quoting September, October or November as possible release dates. Still, they will be available before the end of the year, and quite possibly before Christmas... maybe it's time to ask Santa to augment your folding capabilities?

Source : Xbitlabs