2 GPUs on one card for less outlay?

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2 GPUs on one card for less outlay?
Is the GTX295 is too expensive for you? Or... do you want to upgrade your GPU, but have only one slot available? If so, EVGA has a new, quite surprising card for you.

The main chip - responsible for graphics output - is the GTX275 (a GTX285 with the memory subsystem from the GTX260). It's powerful enough to keep up with all modern games, and manages a very good PPD level on Folding@Home. However, the surprising feature of this card is that EVGA decided to install a second GPU to support the GTX275 and the CPU in physics calculations. The GPU chosen for this task is a GTS250 (the G92b die lives on to fight another day). The main purpose of this secondary GPU is to calculate physics for your games, subject to compatibility with the PhysX API.

Unlike dual-GPU cards before this, the GPU cores are not in SLI and should be recognised separately by the OS. Although for the moment nobody has tested this card, it is not unreasonable to think that with the recent driver updates allowing mismatched cards to fold together, both GPUs could be used for Folding@Home simultaneously. A fairly convenient way to augment your current farm without a major system upgrade? We shall see.

The card with the active cooling system removed.

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