More details about Intel Turbo Mode

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More details about Intel Turbo Mode
Because Intel doesn't use the same Turbo Mode across the processors featuring this function, a little summary might be useful.

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To decipher this table, the numbers in behavior ("Comportement") columns shows the number of Bclock added by Turbo Mode (in other words, the number of increments to the basis CPU multiplier) in a 4-cores, 3-cores, 2 cores and 1 core configuration. For instance, with a CPU using a 20 multiplier with a 1/1/1/2 behavior, maximal multipliers will be 21 for 4-, 3- and 2- cores and 22 for 1 core.

I hope this situation is now clearer to choose your future CPU. Keep in mind that Folding@Home will fully utilize you CPU, so you have to look at the 4-cores column to know the maximum frequency you'll get in this situation.

Source : PCINpact (in French)