Dust, our old enemy finally defeated by MSI?

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Dust, our beloved machines tend to accumulate it forever … at a variable pace depending on their situation in the house and the time they spent powered on …
Faced with this plague, we all fight it with our own proven weapons: can of compressed air, tooth brush, paintbrush, everyone has his own style.

Yet MSI seems to have discovered an innovation that could revolutionize our struggle, this innovation is ...

... the fan that removes dust from itself!

The idea is simple: during the first 30s of boot, your graphic card is cold and we are sure that it won't perform any intensive computation (you're still booting your OS).
The spin of the fan is then reversed compared to nominal functioning and the speed it runs is pushed at its maximum value. The intended effect is to get out some of the dust that began to take up residence on the blades and the bearings of the fan.After 30s of reverse spin, the fan spin is reversed again to enter its nominal functioning behavior.

This will never replace a good clean up, but that’s probably something that will help the graphic cards to handle the folding torture longer.

The first MSI card to use this new feature is based on a GTX 580, the GeForce N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition.

Source : Tom's Hardware France