GeForce GTX590: Warnings, and first Folding@home tests

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GeForce GTX590: Warnings, and first Folding@home tests
If you are the proud owner of a GTX590, it would be wise to pay close attention to the drivers installed on your machine.

It is essential to make sure you have driver version 267.85 (the only version which officially supports the GTX590), as this is the only driver which fully supports the card's OCP (over-current protection). Sadly nVidia have chosen to manage this through the drivers, as opposed to AMD who build a controller into each card to manage it in hardware.

The cards are currently shipped with a disk containing 267.52, which does not fully support OCP. This has led to the possibility of damage to your card, as demonstrated by this video:

On a rather more positive note, PCINpact has tested the GTX590 on Folding@home. The result was 13,000PPD per GPU on project 6801, for a total output of 26,000PPD per card. Power consumption for the system was 360W, giving 72PPD/W. It is still a long way from the efficiency of -bigadv...

Source: PCINpact (in French)