Rumours about a GTX460 from nVidia

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Rumours about a GTX460 from nVidia
After the official announcement of the GTX465, rumours are circulating that there will be a new card based on the Fermi architecture, this time purpose built (rather than cut down GTX480 silicon). This rumoured card is supposedly called the GTX460.

This card is to be based on a new chip codenamed GF104. It will be the first Fermi-based card not intended for the high-end of the market. The chip will be produced on a 40nm process, with a TDP in the GTX460 of 180W. There will be 240 processing units (as with the GTX280 and 285) and it will sport 768MB of GDDR5 memory.

The frequencies remain unknown, but nVidia's partners seem to think that this chip could start to push Fermi's frequencies to new highs. Without this data we would not be able to estimate the performance of this card for Folding@home, but we hope it will be useful for folding farmers who may want to overclock without destroying expensive high-end cards.

The GeForce GTX 460 is expected by mid-July, but we would hope to know more before then.

Source: PCInpact (in French)